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One Year Later


2/10/10, 5 miles NNE of Kerens, TX - Denise and I had a very relaxing day. We started the morning off at the feed store in Kerens, before moving out to a small ranch a few miles from town.

This morning, a small group of developmentally challenged adults from a home across the street, visited the team. They got a real kick out of petting the horses.  As always. the Amigos were on their best behavor and were careful to stand very still while they were being petted.  Its moments like this, when I give thanks that I was able to rebuild from the accident and get the wagon back on the road.  The smiles on faces, young and old, are what really makes it worthwile! 

With a lot of help in the past year (since 2/10/09), Ive managed to recover, rebuild, and travel 2,200 miles around America. There were times when I was faced with seemingly impossible tasks, like putting horseshoes on the Belgians with a broken shoulder.  But, the memory of all those smiles kept me going. The road back from devastation and destruction to one of happy smiles, is really not that long, as long as it is guided by dreams and determination.

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Recent Wagon Scene


Scene from a year ago, following the wreck in Mississippi.

Tonight, were camped at a small ranch, a few miles north of Kerens. Randy, from the Feedstore and his wife have offered us a great place to rest the team. The lads are very comfortablly bedded down in a large paddock, with plenty of fresh graze and a nice pond. Doc even has a nice looking Blue Roan Mare across the fence to romance.

If the weather is really bad in the morning (which its suppose to be) well lay over an extra day and give the team some R & R.