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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Off For the Horses Next Week


4/1/09, Hickory, N.C. - Monday. 4/6, Iím off for Mississippi.  Friend Les Riddle will be also driving down from LeRoy, IL with his horse trailer.  Together, weíre going to pick up the horses and the wagon stuff stored with the Sheriff and head for Indiana.

I decided to accept an offer for a really nice Barn-apartment from my good friends Dave and Marti Caldwell near Connersville, IN.  Dave and Marti also offered some barn space for me to build the new wagon.  Because of some Doctor and Physical Therapy stuff, I wont be able to make the permanent move up there until the second week of May, but things are definitely moving forward.  In the meantime, Doc and Joyce will have a good time munching some grass in Indiana.  I have some really good friends in the area and itís a good place to rebuild,

For the first time today, it felt like some strength was coming back into my left shoulder.  Now, the challenge is to exercise it without overdoing it.  Iíve always healed pretty quick, but even so, Iím impatient and have a tendency to take my physical therapy a little farther then I should. Almost 30 years to the day before this accident, I took a 50-60 foot fall while serving as an Infantryman in Germany.  The difference was that I was 19 years old then and healed a lot quicker (rusty parts donít heal as quick as shiny new ones).

I hope everyone recovered from April Fools Day jokes.  And if anyone was told the cows were out - thatís not a joke, even on April Fools!