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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
NH -August/September '08


Starting in Deerfield, NH

8/16/08, Deerfield, NH - A Start, but not officially

8/17/08, Epsom, NH - And So begins the Adventure

8/18/08, Epsom, NH - A Short Trip, But a Nice Place to Stop

8/19/08, Epsom, NH - A Day of Rest and Fixes

8/20/08, Pittsfield, NH - The Hills of Pittsfield

8/21/08, Loudon, NH - The Road to the Orchard

8/22/08, Loudon, NH - Apple, Peaches and People Stopping By

8/23/08, Concord, NH - The Strong Family of Concord

8/24/08, Franklin, NH - Clip Clop, There go the Miles

8/25/08, Franklin, NH - Those That Live and Those That Give

8/26/08, Wilmot, NH - Bears, Nazis and Paradise

8/27 - 8/28 New London, NH - A Day Off and A Day of Hills

8/29/08, Newbury, NH - A Slow Day of Hills, but Some Nice People

8/30/08, Sunapee, NH - Around Lake Sunapee

8/31/08, Sunapee, NH - Labor Day Rest - Day 1

9/1/08, Sunapee, NH - Labor Day Rest - Day 2

9/2/08, Newport, NH - City Traffic to Covered Bridges