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New Homes for Old Team


5/27/09, Bentonville, IN - This past weekend, I found good homes for both of the old members of my team.  I thought it would be much better for them if I could find homes where they can still be used for riding and light driving. Joyce was getting too old for heavy driving. Doc suffered some ligament damage during the accident.  Heís not lame now, I just didnít want to take the chance of him going lame if he was used for heavy pulling. Doc went to a nice home in Northern Indiana where heíll be used for driving a cart and riding. According to his new owner - Lauren, he has already fallen for red roan mare named Dolly (itís a small horse world too).  Joyce went to a home in Illinois.

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It was awful hard to see them go.  We have definitely been up the creek and down the mountain together.  After living and working together in close quarters for so long we were a pretty tight team. 

Sunday, I rode Joyce for about 4 hours while doing the ďCompass Mounted OrienteeringĒ (CMO) course that my landlords were hosting for the weekend. This is a really fun event, similar to a scavenger hunt that has you zipping around on horses while following clues and using a map and compass.

Pretrip 5-27-09 002

Work on the wagon continues to progress. Yesterday, I had to take a day and run down to Holmes County, Ohio and pick up a new wagon tongue and some horse shoes. I got to chat with several of the folks at the Pioneer Equipment company and should see some of them again at Horse Progress days.

If I get the wagon brakes working tomorrow, Iíll harness up the team and take them for a spin. Iím looking forward to getting into the wagon and cruising down the road.

Iíve got a couple of good challenges to my shoulder coming up. First, I have to fit the new harnesses.  Then I have to shoe the new team. With the left arm still at only 40 - 50%, these task will about stretch it to the limit.

As a final note, I have to share the fantastic sign that some of the wonderful members of the CMO club made for the new wagon!


SIGN 001