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Montrose Welcome


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5/8/12, Montrose, CO - A long day with a lot of hill climbing; but, a very nice one. Today, the team put in an outstanding 27 miles, while climbing and descending a very tough 1500 foot high hill.  Tonight, were resting comfortably, 4 miles west of Montrose, with my good friends the Rosenbarker family.

This morning, after promising Linda and Cady Daniels, that one day soon, an uncouth teamster will again gallop his team into the driveway of the Bar E ranch, the team and I pulled out for Montrose.

5-8-12 001

The climb up Cerro Hill was a steady 7 or 8% grade for four miles. While not exactly easy, being in a Unicorn hitch really eases the burden on the horses.

Seven miles after leaving the Bar E, we finally made it to the top of Cerro Hill.  It was somewhat of a circus unhitching the team at the top of the hill. A large flock of sheep was grazing just off the summit.  Bob and Bill started acting like a couple of fools while I was driving Doc off and tying him up for lunch. They started moving the wagon while I was trying to tie Doc.  When I left Doc to stop Bob and Bill, Doc started wandering off. It all got straightened out pretty quick, but for a while there, I didnít know which ring the circus should be performing in - whew!

5-8-12 002

A small portion of the flock of sheep grazing just off the summit. This time of year, the lambs and ewes are constantly calling out to each other and the noise can be deafening.

After takkng care of the horses, posting blogs for the previous nights and sorting out my mess, I wolfed down a quick lunch and started back down the road. I unhitched Doc for the downward journey and the Belgians started making pretty good time.

5-8-12 005

The snow covered Sneffels Range, as viewed on the road to Montrose.

A few miles outside of Montrose, I met up with Kristen Rosenbarker and her seven year old daughter Alice. I met up with the Rosenbarkers two years ago while traveling in the area. The highlight of young Aliceís life was meeting the team and getting to set on Doc when I was a guest at the Museum of the Mountain West As mom (Kirstan) had a few errands to run, I invited young Alice to ride with me for a few miles as we made out way through town to their place 4 miles west of the City.

5-8-12 006

Seven year old Alice, who thought a wagon ride was a pretty good birthday present.

Just east of town, Bill was starting to play out, so I pulled into a gas station to swap him out for Doc.  While changing horses, a lot of people stopped to say Ďhií, including a family that got to sit on Doc.

5-8-12 008

There was nothing timid about these young cowboys and cowgirl - they wanted to sit on a horse.

On our way through town, Alice and I must have had our picture taken a couple of hundred times.

Not long after we started heading west of the city, we encountered a hill that was only about 1/3 of a mile long, but steeply pitched at 10 to 12%.  Bob and Doc were equal to the task and pulled the wagon up the hill. Doc didnít need any encouragement, but B.O.B needed a couple of pokes in the butt to get him to the top.

5-8-12 010

Driving down Main Street, Montrose

5-8-12 013

If you look closely, you can see the reflection of the horse and wagon in the store windows.

It was just after 7 pm before I pulled into the Rosebarker place.  The lads are comfortably settled in a field with 6 acres of good graze. My belly is full of a great steak dinner.  Iíve had the pleasure of some great company and now Iím about ready to retire for the night. Life is very good!

5-8-12 016

Some ĎMuliesí ont the way to the Rosenbarkers. You can see that the buck is just starting to sprout new antlers (or horns, as they say out west).

Good night all - Iím beat.