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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Mojave Crossing - Day Five


11/9/12, Vidal Junction, CA (Coord. N. 34 deg, 11.998 min; W. 114 deg, 30.414 min)

After trudging 100 miles through a dry desert, my trek across the Mojave is about to draw to a close.  Shortly after lunch, I made the crossroads of Vidal Junction and drew water from a tap for the first time.

After hitching Doc and Bob to the wagon, I pulled out of my previous camp and started east.  Traffic was heavier than normal on this road and was definitely in a hurry. Nearly everyone I waved at stared stoically over the steering wheel and didnít return a wave. However, I did receive a couple of waves and at least a single, one finger salute. (He must have thought I was in the military and needed to be saluted - heck, I was just an enlisted man, but I felt honored, none the less.

11-9-12 001

A sign of civilization - the first utility poles in seventy miles!

After a nice lunch, I resumed my journey.  A couple of hours later, I pulled into the gas station and minimart in Vidal Junction.  A lot of good folks stopped to see the horses, including a nice lady who had never been near a horse before.  Now, she has pictures to prove she actually sat on one!  The folks running the station were great and I had a chance to tank up the horses and fill up on water.

11-9-12 002

A nice road sign upon leaving Vidal Junction.

Tomorrow, I cross into Arizona and the lads and I will be traveling in our 25th state by horse and wagon. With nearly 3000 miles behind me on this trip, I definitely found the long way around to get from Colorado to Arizona.

I donít have any fixed plans for the next few months, so I guess Iíll wander as the whim strikes me. 

Tonight, Iím camped alongside the aqueduct, opposite the side near the road, A BLM road passed through the aqueduct, on a section that went underground, so it allowed me to get away from the highway for a bit.

Tomorrow, Iíll make my way to Parker, AZ, using as many back roads as I can. This morning, a nice CHP Trooper pointed out some side roads that would lead me off the main route for a while.