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Long Winter

2-27-19, Valley Falls, OR

A long, cold and wet winter is drawing to a close. With a huge snow pack in the mountains, the streams will be running well all summer long.  The deer have all retreated to the valley floor and the bucks are beginning to shed their antlers. The does are still a long way from fawning (usually in June) so theyíre still looking pretty sleek. Calving has just started hot and heavy and the local ranchers appear all bleary-eyed, the result of getting up a couple of times each night to check on the cows.

All of the horses wintered well, but the Belgians are beginning to show their ages (19 & 20).  Doc is looking peppy and anxious to get out and do something with the good weather.  Hopefully, Iíll have a new teammate for him this year with whom he can expend some of his boundless energy.

In another week, Iím driving east to Michigan for a two month job assignment at the Fermi Nuclear Plant. If I can line up a horse to buy, Iíll haul my horse trailer east with me.


As calving season progresses, little black bundles are beginning to dot the landscape.

If everything goes right, I might hitch up a team this summer and go driving for a little two or three month drive.

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