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Long Drive to the Cowboy Church



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2/14/10, Hubbard, TX - We had a long drive today, but the team held up well and we ended up camping in a nice location.

Dee and I were packed up and on the road by 7:45 am. We took advantage of the light traffic on Sunday morning and drove through the City of Corsicana. The lads were strong, and we drove about 12 miles before stopping for lunch.

Leaving Corsicana, I noticed quite a change in the terrain.  The tall trees of eastern Texas are being replaced by more grasslands and scrub type trees. The sky is beginning to open up and prickly pear cactus is starting to grow in the fields.

We had lunch at a wide spot in the road and met with several people.

Later, when we rolled into Dawson, we were invited to spend the night at the Battle Creek Cowboy Church, three miles west of town.  Just before we rolled into town, we met a nice guy who had given us a cash gift a few days ago.  He said he had read about us in the paper and gave us another gift - Thank You!

At the Cowboy Church, we met up with a whole slew of great people, who helped us and the horses settle in.  We than wolfed down some pizza and had a great time shooting the breeze.

It never ceases to amaze me how really great people seem to come out of the woodwork. This was a really nice day.

2-14-10 004

As we travel from Eastern, into Central Texas, the terrain opens up. Gone are the pines and big hardwoods. It’s now rangeland, Mesquite, Cedar and Scrub Oak

2-14-10 006

Some folks who stopped by at lunch.

2-14-10 008

Hitching up the team after lunch.

2-14-10 012

Stopping at the gas station in Dawson

2-14-10 018

Some of the good folks at the Battle Creek Cowboy Church in Hubbard.

2-14-10 020

When they say ‘All Welcome’, they mean it.

2-14-10 022

Leading the Belgians towards their stall.

2-14-10 026

Comfortable in their big, open air stalls. Doc was in the adjoining stall.

2-14-10 029

Socializing in the church after pizza.