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Little Clementine 1991-2010


5/13/10, Dove Creek, CO - Shortly after lunch today, My Little Clementine passed to a better place. She went peaceful and was very comfortable. 

Tonight, Iím 5 miles south of Dove Creek, on US 491. Clementine is buried in a nice spot with a view of the mountains in Utah, which would have been the 17th state she traveled to in a horse drawn wagon. 

I was going to write a normal blog, but I found where she had hidden a parting message on the computer.

7-7-09 013

If youíre reading this, that means I no longer have to contend with lunch meat, hamburger, chicken and the occasional steak; Iím feasting on 100% USDA Prime Fillet.  Thatís right baby, Iím in fat city.

Let me tell you a little about the great life Iíve had.  When the Teamster first got me, I could fit in the palm of his hand. He used to rub my belly, and I would stretch my legs out in pure pleasure.  Most of my life I spent on a farm, where there were kids to play with, kittens to find in the hay loft, long walks in the woods and the field, and lots of people to play with and fuss over me. I had four litters of puppies, that all grew up to proudly take care of a whole slew of people.

I was a little reluctant when the Teamster had the crazy idea to take off on these adventures, but I got to tell you, it has been a pretty good gig.  As of right now, Iím the most wagon traveled poodle in history, with over 5000 miles and 16 States under my collar.  Thousands of fans log on to the computer every day to read about my adventures (and a little bit about horse and wagon travel).  Everybody that comes on the wagon gives me a pet and an ďooh and aahĒ. Iíve had a semi-truck bounce off me, came through a couple of runaways without a scratch, and single pawed, Iíve broke out and pulled the wagon when nothing else could.

Unfortunately, us canines donít live as long as you humans, but thatís okay; because itís not really how long you live thatís important. What matters most is the quality of life and those you touch along the way.

By the way, I like my fillet mignon medium rare, with no sauce!


Master Wagon Traveler


1991 to 2010

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