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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Lava and Lackadaisical Creek


10/13/12, Big Pine, CA (Coord. N. 37 deg, 05.843 min; W. 118 deg, 15.170 min)

Today was a nice day of travel with a gentle sloping downward hill, beautiful weather and a nice pulling team. I traveled from my roadside campsite, just south of Bishop to a creek side camp five miles south of Big Pine, CA.

Early in the morning, a warm front passed through, rapidly warming the cool morning air. Being prepared for everything but more heat, I changed into a set of long johns this morning in preparation for another cool day. Of course, this act alone resulted in warmer temperatures. Next time, I’ll try putting the long johns on over my clothes, so when I guess wrong I can easily strip them off!

10-13-12 002

An array of four radiotelescopes, located just north of Big Pine, CA.  I wonder, was ET phoning home?

I stopped in Big Pine for lunch, 13 miles down the road from my previous campsite. While there, several car loads of people stopped to chat and say ‘hi’. For all those that don’t know, the horses are not Clydesdales, and they have been known to squash Budwieser cans when walking down the road! While in Big Pine, I stopped at a gas station for milk and water for the jugs and wagon.

10-13-12 006

Watering B.O.B. at an irrigation ditch during lunch.

10-13-12 007

Fifteen to Twenty gallons of water later, Bob is done and ready to go back to the wagon.

After lunch, I continued south on US 395.  Much of the trek was by an ancient lava dome that appears to be less than 5000 years old.  Spewing from the dome were several trails of lava.  With the peaks of the Sierra Nevada’s behind the dome, it was quite a spectacular sight.

10-13-12 014

A volcanic vent, which became a 1000 foot high dome of lava. From the lack of vegetation and the sharpness of the lava rock, it probably was less than a millennium old.

10-13-12 012

A flow of lava extending out from the dome.

Spotting a likely looking exit from the highway, I pulled around a cattle guard and on to a piece of BLM or L.A. Water and Power land, alongside a creek.  Tonight, the lads have some green grazing, plenty of water and we’re 300 yards off the highway - not too bad!

10-13-12 017

Another Hollywood pose by the king of horse actors - B.O.B. aka ‘The Solid Rock on the Left.’

10-13-12 018

‘Doc Suave’ with a scenic backdrop as he delicately munches his alfalfa.

10-13-12 019

The Belgians standing posed in front of the range of mountains to the east.  Unlike the Sierra’s, this range is sedimentary uplift, vice volcanic in origin.

Tomorrow I continue southward towards the towns of Independence and Lone Pine. The roads are good and the weather is fantastic; not too bad, as long as I leave the long johns off!