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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Late Summer


The Wagonteamster Channel has itís first video production - Journey To the Valley Of the Wild Horses


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8-10-13, Valley Falls, OR - As the days shorten and the nights begin to cool, I pause to reflect on what has been a great summer. While Iím currently unemployed (by my own choice), I find myself very busy.  Jacquie and I carefully blend projects and fun time.  Being horse people, much of our days are filled with our equine friends. The paddock fence is only 15 feet from the front door, so living here in Valley Falls is much like life on the wagon. At 6:30 each morning the lads line up alongside the fence and peer into the bedroom window, providing a not-so-subtle reminder that itís time to get up and fill some rather larger horse stomachs.


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8-19-13 005

At least once or twice a week, I hitch up the lads for an evening booze-cruise or champagne brunch.

8-19-13 002

In a scene reminiscent of La Garita, CO, we passed this heard of antelope grazing on a circle of alfalfa.

8-19-13 008

Here the lads are doing their best to enhance the already remarkable scenery under the Abert Rim. The two Russian Olive trees out near the road are their favorite place to get out of the sun on a hot summer day.

8-19-13 012

Monty is now well integrated into the herd.  Here you can see the horses all lined up in their rank within the horse herd.  Lining up and moving around according to rank is very common amongst horses.

Montyís training is coming along very well.  I saddle him up for a ride at least four or five times a week.  Each time we go out, I try and go a little further and expose him to new things.  Once he has succeeded in conquering an obstacle, I try him out on something new. Horses, like people, gain confidence through a series of successes.  Beginning with easier obstacles, we continuously move on to more difficult objectives. This way, horses (like people) learn to conquer seemingly impossible tasks with relative ease.

8-19-13 013

Having no sense of moderation, Iím currently building a large, tiered, combination planter and fountain at the entrance of the RV park. Here, Iím about 2/3 complete.  The planter will be fifteen feet across, three tiered and 4 1/2 feet high. When finished, this monolith will contain 15 tons of native stone, 10 tons of soil and 1500 pounds of concrete and mortar.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am!