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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Last Day of the Decade

12/31/09, Brinkley, AR - A nice day of driving, as we trekked westward on US Route 70.

It was 9 am before we finished topping off the water tank in the wagon and hit the road.  Our first stop was the grocery store in the town of Palestine.

There are quite a few birds wintering over in this portion of Arkansas, to include, Snow Geese, Starlings and the beautiful Crane shown in the picture below. All day long we encountered birds like these.

Lunch was alongside the road, next to a set of train tracks. This time of year, because of the short amount of daylight for driving, I try to limit lunch breaks to one hour. 

Tonight we’re settled in at Leslie and Judy’s place, about 3 miles to the east of Brinkley, AR.  We just had some great hamburgers and are working towards celebrating the New Years with a slumber (There’s no sense waiting up for the Ball-Drop with Dick Clark if you don’t have a TV).



12-31-09 003

“Hey Denise, enough already. This is only the fifth picture you’ve taken of me while I’m trying to drink my coffee.”

12-31-09 006

Some local horsemen stopping to say ‘hi’ this morning.

12-31-09 009

Snow Geese wintering on an Arkansas rice field.

12-31-09 015

A train going by at lunch

12-31-09 020

A crane perched by a rice field at lunch

12-31-09 028

Our hostess Judy, with her granddaughter visiting Doc