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Hot, Winding Road

6/24/09, Martinsville, IN - The horses and I are currently a couple of miles north of Martinsville, being treated like kings at the home of Nan Demare.  We stayed here this past Christmas and Nan always makes sure we have nothing to want for.

We traveled 23 miles today, through some pretty hot weather and a winding, hilly road. The temperature was in the low 90ís with pretty high humidity. 

By the time we reached Martinsville, I stopped at a gas station to get them some shade and water.  If you were wondering how I train my teams to stand so well when they were hitched, hereís the secret. Get tired and hot and stand them in the shade (guaranteed not to go anywhere).

After driving through the city of Martinsville, we stopped at my friend Scottís grain elevator for feed and electrolytes.  Of course, the mill offers a really good deal to wagon travelers with cream and teal colored wagons!  You can see the team and I were practicing the Stay command again!

We then worked are way over to route 67 and a couple of miles north to Nanís place.  The team was about done for the day when we got there.

All day long people were stopping to chat, take pictures and offer their support. A very nice day with a whole lot of nice people.

P.S. Clementine is doing great and enjoying wagon life.

Also, it will be a few weeks before I have any T shirts to sell through the mail of off the wagon.

Also, the lads are 11 and 12 years old, half brothers and probably grew up on an Amish farm.


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