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11/2/09 - Bentonville, IN -    Hi folks, B.O.B the horse here.  As you heard from Bob the Teamster, yesterday’s hitch was a good one.  You can see from the view out the front and the back of the wagon that things were - well, normal.

I wish I could say that about today’s little adventure - whew! Teamster Bob decided we needed to get hooked up in this new-fangled ‘Unicorn’ hitch. If I had an apple for every hair-brained idea he has come up with, well, I would have foundered long ago.  Here’s the scoop - Bill and I were at our normal places, but he put the New-Kid-on-the-Block - Doc, out in front of both of us.  Bill is no longer the Obama of horses; he’s now like V.P. Biden. And I’m no longer the solid-rock-on-the-left; I’m the rock on the back-left. I tell you, there is no justice in the world.

For his next act of brilliance, Teamster Bob jack-knifed the rig while pulling it out of the driveway. We had us a real circus then (Teamster Bob called it a rodeo).  After we jack-knifed, I fell down, and the new kid, Doc actually sat down on me.  It’s a good thing Bob and his friends got that sorted out real quick - it was plumb embarrassing.

In all fairness, the rest of the hitch went pretty good. Us horses learned to drive this screwball arrangement good enough that we could make up for the fact that the driver was a slow learner. Bill and I just kicked back and enjoyed the ride, while the new kid was actually ‘grooving’!

It’s a good thing there was a little something extra in the oat bucket tonight. With all this work lately, I might actually start to lose my girlish figure.

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