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Horse Bob's Trip To Utah


5/21/12, Jensen, UT - Hi folks, Bob the Horse speaking (AKA B.O.B.).  I know itís been a long time since my size 8 hooves have caressed this keyboard, but Iím back, and just as big as ever.

When I was just a young colt, my old mare used to say, ďB.O.B., when youíre ready to fend for yourself in this world, you need to go west to Utah. Thereís a lot of opportunity out there for a sturdy ladĒ.

Well, here it is, 12 years later and my dream finally came true! When I walked past that sign, I entered the land of horse opportunity.

5-21-12 005

This is a real friendly State. They warn you that they have these giant oats and water thieving lizards (the Teamster calls them Dinosaurs).  Itís a good thing Iím their to protect the goodies!

Before I get on with the dayís adventures, I would love to share last nightís sunset.  The lads and I didnít have any trouble picking up our heads from that dried up old gramma grass in the paddock to admire the beauty.

5-21-12 002

The artist in me really admires how all the colors were mixed to paint this picture across the sky.  It looks like a bowl of water after I accidentally grazed on some locoweed.

I have to hand it to the Teamster. When he heard of my dreams and aspirations for Utah, he knew how to select the right horse for a tough job. While the other two lads only had to pull the wagon up 1000 feet in elevation in the first few miles, I had to be constantly on guard against those oats and water stealing lizards. From the back of the trailer I could constantly scan our surroundings to ensure no thieving reptile would jump out from behind a clump of sagebrush and clean us out!  Yup, my mare said opportunity would knock in Utah and she sure was right!

5-21-12 003

Just before crossing into Utah, this Pronghorn buck sort of reminded me of paddock life back in La Garita.

5-21-12 006

Things sure were purr-dee from behind the trailer. This large mesa dominated the terrain to the north for most of the day.

Tonight, the Teamster pulled us over on the bank of the Green River. The first thing he did was to lead me and the lads down to the water to tank up. As much as we drank, Iím surprised that the river didnít go dry.

Even though the water was sweet, I have to complain about the forage.  Only more of that old dried out gramma grass. I even saw Bill nibble at some of that ĎSleeperí grass.  Boy, he sure will sleep good tonight.  But, ĎOl Bobby Boy sprang for some alfalfa, so the lads and I arenít really complaining too much.

5-21-12 008

Itís all in the ambiance.  The view from our paddock is terrific.

Now, the best new is - the Teamster says weíre taking tomorrow off.  Thatís right Baby, nothing but sweet alfalfa and sunshine for me and the lads!  On top of that, most of us are getting pedicures and new dancing shoes.  Talk about landing belly deep in a field of fresh alfalfa!  I tell yah, the next time I go down to the river for a drink of water, Iím going to splash the Teamster in delight!

5-21-12 007

Donít I look like Marylyn Monroe laying on the casting couch?  Hey, Iím secure in my gelding-hood.

Note for Barry (keeper of the Google Maps) - The Teamster wanted me to tell you that we are 125 yards due Northeast of the east end of the bridge across the Green River (he had me and Bill step off the distance).