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Hey - A New Team

5/15/09, Bentonville, IN - Prior to returning to Indiana from North Carolina, I took a little detour to Hunt, NY to look at a pair of horses owned by Jim (Farmer) Brown and ended up buying them. Bob and Bill are a pair of red Belgians that are 18 hands and weigh about 1900 - 2000 pounds each.

I found them well mannered, schooled and very personable horses. Jim has been working them several times a week for the last few months.  They’ve got a lot of time in skidding logs and walking in front of a plow.  Bob is the neigh side horse and Bill is on the off (right) side.

They have very good barn manners, stand well and can be shod off the floor.  (This is an important feature for me as many horses today are only shod while in stocks.)  They’re half brothers that match up well together.  Both horses are the same height and have the same length of stride.  They’re both willing and respond well to the driving lines. Bob is the steadier of the two and outweighs his brother by about 100 pounds. Bill is not quite as calm as Bob and tends to want to break into a trot to get rid of some of his energy. They’re both up on the bit and I had to use a moderate amount of pressure on the driving lines. A couple days of work and I should have them driving with lighter lines.



I’m back in Indiana, running a few errands and getting ready to start on the wagon.  Jim is going to deliver the horses next Wednesday.  Clementine made the return trip with me and is now starting to settle down in her new home. Everything is going great except for trying to register the truck. Indiana requires 3 pieces of identification in addition to an out of state driver’s license.  Whatever happened to a warm handshake and an introduction?  The so called normal world sure is different then the wagon world!

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