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Good Folks in Pagosa



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4/27/10 (am), Pagosa Springs, CO - This was a day with a lot hills and tough travel, but it was full of beautiful scenery and great people.

I had Bob and Doc hitched when I left camp in the mountain canyon. After a couple of hours, I took a break in front of an RV park and took advantage of their free Wifi to publish the blog for the past couple of days.

Clementine is continuing to hang in there and is getting some food and water in her. She’s doesn’t appear to be in any pain, but she’s very tenacious, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow pulls out of it.

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4-26-10 001

Taking a little breather from pulling the hills.

In the morning, I met Debra, who is a journalism student at CSU. She was in Pagosa on business, but also hoped to meet me and get the story. So, we both had a morning glass of wine while she got the story (for the occasion, I re-designated the appropriate hour for cocktails).

After a tough morning of pulling, we trekked onto the main street of Pagosa Springs and headed for the Post Office.  I picked up the GPS device that Barry had sent me. This will enable him to access the GPS (via satellite), and get a readout on my exact location at any time.  As soon as I install it, he’ll be able to update the Google Map whenever he wants, or turn me in to Big Brother (as the mood suits him.)

4-26-10 003

A horse’s perspective of traveling down the road.

I met several nice people in town before heading out to the Davis Ranch, four miles north of town. On the way to the ranch, I stopped to talk with several people, including a mother and her two daughters, that enjoyed petting and sitting on the horses.

After reaching the ranch, the boys had a tough pull up some of the grades to the ranch house, but they managed to pull it off. After I pulled off the harnesses, I turned them loose to be “wild horses” on this 550 acre spread. As of this morning, they are really eating it up.  They haven’t yet completely reverted to the wild, as I was able to walk up to them this morning.

4-26-10 004

Driving down main street in Pagosa Springs

I’m going to take a few days off, here at the beautiful Davis Ranch. My hosts are Randall Davis and his girlfriend Cary Ellis. They are some really great people, who are currently launching a great website - http://www.virtualearthvillage.com I really like the website, so, I’m including it on my link page.

On another note, I have just been invited to go to a local women’s driving clinic, which will feature several teams, including a 4-Up of Suffolk Punches.

4-26-10 007

With some of the roads around here, you want to make sure you don’t get your “Gee” and “Haws” backwards!

I’m going to continue to blog during my stay here at the Davis Ranch.

4-26-10 008

Doc has something to say about all the attention B.O.B. is getting from Tanya and her two little girls.

4-26-10 010

Bill likes a little attention too!

4-26-10 012

The Davis Ranch

4-26-10 015

The team enjoying the graze at the ranch house.  They haven’t discovered the other 550 acres yet.

4-26-10 016

Randall and Cary at the ranch