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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Going to Nebraska?


3/3/11, La Garita, CO  - After what seems an eternity, I finally got both computers up and running and the source files for my website squared away. This means I can blog again!

Saturday morning, Iím off to Nebraska (just north of Omaha) for an eight week job at a nuclear plant. 

Most of the previous few weeks Iíve spent writing ďBiscuit WagonĒ. Iíve been plugging away at it and Iím about half finished. This will be a book which covers all of my travels to date. The text is all new and delves a little deeper in to what makes the ĎOl Wagonteamster tick - ha ha.

3-3-11 003

With the lazy days in La Garita about over for a while, itís a good time to take it easy.

Doc is now completely sound. I didnít see where an abscess erupted anywhere, so I think his body just cured it without relieving it.  All three of the horses are doing great.  They really enjoy it when I come into the paddock and give them a rub.

12-18-10 004

By the way my grandson Aiden is holding the camera case, I think heís telling me to take some new pictures.

Iíll be in touch soon - much sooner, this time!