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12/11/08, Between Modoc and Haggertown, IN - This was a very enjoyable day on the road. Yesterday, I awoke to freezing rain and a stiff wind from the north. The horses were ready for a day off and with the weather It was better to take it easy wear we were.  The Sauser family, which owned the truck stop went out of their way to make us feel at home.

This morning I was hitched and on the road by 9 am.  About a half mile down the road, I met John, who offered me a bag of grain - thanks.  John accepted my offer for a ride and rode along for the next hour. 

Shay, are cameraman/reporter for Channel 6, an ABC affiliate out of Indy, wanted to meet me in Modoc for an interview at lunch. The horses and I drove the ten miles to Modoc by 12:30 and met up with Shay just outside of town.

During the lunch interview, Marti and Billy stopped by to say hi.  They have been tracking the blog and wanted to meet the team and I. They accepted an offer to ride along for the afternoon. We had one last chore to do before we left - we had to jump start the reporterís car.

Marti and her husband invited me to stop at their place, so I rerouted the trip down route 1 instead of route 3.

It was a great afternoon and it was a lot of laughs trekking south on route 1! Since the weather has turned colder I havenít had too many people accept rides on the wagon. With two different bunches today it felt like a summer afternoon.

Iím camped tonight at the Shank farm, on the corner or route 1 and 35. The horses have a small field with plenty of graze. Iíve got everything I need and Iím very comfortable.

Tomorrow morning, Iím expecting Barry, who plans on riding his Quarterhorse along as an outrider. It should be a pretty good day.

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