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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Fall Preparations


9/18/11, Missouri Valley, IA - For those of you that wondered where Iíve been - Iím currently working at the nuclear plant in Nebraska.  I just overcame some problems Iíve had with the software I use to load this website - yeah.

Everything here is going great.  Iím in the planning stages for trip number 4. This will be a 4,000 - 6000 mile trip, in which weíll travel north to Montana, starting in April of 2012. Then weíll head west of the divide before turning south. By winter, I should be in the low deserts of the southwest. The following spring will see the wagon treking northward to Colorado. I currently plan on driving a 4-Up.

Hereís a blog I didnít publish before I left La Garita.

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8/27/11. La Garita Creek, CO - Life here at the Balloon Ranch continues to be great, but itís due for an interruption. Next weekend, Iím heading back to Nebraska to work at the same nuclear plant as last spring. No, Iím not going back to fix all the things I broke.  Theyíve been waiting all summer for the flood waters on the Missouri River to recede before they can start back up.  I imagine they need people to do maintenance and shovel a lot of mud!

Next April, I plan on hitching up the lads to a refurbished wagon and taking them out for a little one year spin around the west.

In order to improve the quality of my photos and to start taking some motion pictures, I bought a new camera.  Sandy and I went for a ride today and I gave it a try (I still havenít mastered the video).

8-27-11 021_edited-1

I took this shot of the buck antelope near the town of La Garita.  I managed to walk within about 75 feet before he ran through the fence. Antelope are very poor jumpers so they usually go through or under fences.  This guy scooted between the wire mesh on the bottom and the barb wire on the top.

8-27-11 037

This cow and calf bison posed for the shot.  No, theyíre not wild. There is a large herd of about 150 at a bison ranch near Del Norte, CO. The calf is definitely dividing his attention between me and his mommaís udder.

8-27-11 038

The ruins of an old ranch house with flowering rabbit brush in the foreground.


A good camera really lets me get some good shots.  You probably thought I used a high shutter speed for this shot.  Actually, I lowered my voice and told the hummingbird to ďFreezeĒ!

Talk to you soon,  Bob