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Fall and Work


The Wagonteamster Channel has itís first video production - Journey To the Valley Of the Wild Horses


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8/24/13, Valley Falls, OR - As summer draws to a close, so soon will my summer fun.  While I wasnít fortunate enough to spend the warm weather tooling down the road with a team of good horses, I have to admit that a good time was had by one and all.

Two weeks ago, I posted a blog showing my latest construction project underway - a large, three-tiered, combination planter and fountain.  Iím happy to say the project is now complete. 

8-19-13 01302

The view of the fountain from two weeks ago. The other night, a guest at our RV park asked me, ďHave you been planning this project for years and now you finally got going on it this year?Ē. I replied, ďNo, I planned it out over a couple of beers about a month ago. What youíre seeing now is the product of too much alcohol and no sense of moderation!Ē

Shown below is what the finished product looks like.

8-24-13 006

It was late in the year, so we planted mums and asters to offset the three ponds and two waterfalls.  After moving 30,000 pounds of stone, dirt and mortar, I was plumb, wore out.  Itís about time to take a break and go off to work - more on that later.

Hunting season is getting underway.  Bighorn Sheep was the first season to open. Tags are issued for hunting sheep on a lottery basis.  A hunter is lucky to draw a single opportunity in a lifetime.  Last week we had a party of hunters stay in the RV park.

8-24-13 001

Abert Rim is host to a thriving herd of Bighorn. Fish and Game issues a select number of permits to keep the flock from overgrazing their range. Brandon, who stayed in the RV park, was fortunate to bag this beautiful ram on the side of the rim (about 700 feet from the top and 2000 feet in elevation above the valley floor) in what could only be described as one of the most physically challenging hunts a man could make.  If I had a telescope I could have watched the hunt transpire on the side of the rim, only three miles away.

8-24-13 003

This week, Craig, a local Deputy Sheriff, shot this nice antelope buck from a large herd just up the road.

In another week, I have to leave the ranks of the unemployed and return to work. The day after Labor Day I should be returning to work at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant in Nebraska.  In the meantime I have a list of chores to compete. After a Champagne Brunch wagon cruise tomorrow morning, I have to pull horseshoes and trim all of the horses feet. This is only the first step in what will be a busy week.

Trip #5 is currently in itís first planning stages.  When fresh spring grass returns to the high desert of Central Oregon, Jacquie and I plan on hitching up the lads and spending a few months cruising around the Pacific Northwest.  Thatís about as detailed as the planning has gone so far.  In the next few months, Iíll drink a few more beers and come up with a few more details.  Or maybe, weíll just hitch up and see whatís over the next horizon.