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Erie, PA



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10/27/08 - Ashbury, PA - It was a long haul today through the city of Erie. I pulled out of Floyd’s place on the east side of Harbor Creek around 9 am.  Fifteen minutes after we go underway it started with a cold, wind driven rain.  In the next minutes it turned to snow. It was about 5 degrees above freezing, so it didn’t stick, but it was a good thing I had on five layers of clothes.

The top picture shows a a nice little snow shower in Harbor Creek, where I stopped to brew up a pot of coffee.

About 12:30 we pulled into a park on 6th street in Erie for lunch. While there, several people stopped by, including a very nice reporter and a photographer from the Erie Times News.

It was about 2 pm when I pulled out with the photographer on board for a short run. Erie is a really nice town and I wish I had more time to enjoy it.  The horses were impressed with the statue of Admiral Perry.

While running through the western suburbs, the horses and I got pulled over by a local policeman (not for speeding). He was courteous and I think he was asked to check us out, so he did (we were cool). 

The Suburbs extend quite a distance to the west of Erie. By the time we reached Ashbury, it was getting close to 6 pm and it was time to find any old place to camp. So, we did what most Americans do when they need something handy - we went to Walmart. It isn’t the deluxe, rural accommodations that we’re used to, but it did in a pinch. I also got a chance to pick up some groceries and some things I need to screen in the front porch of the wagon.  So thanks to the Walton family, we’re off the road and have a place to stay!

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