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Easy Street

1/23/10, Macon, MS - Our trip to Mississippi is going very well.  Tomorrow, I have to go to Jackson, MS on business, but first, Denise and I are spending a couple of days visiting friends in the Macon area.

 Our first stop was the Citizens National Bank in Macon.  The ladies at the bank ran the Wagonteamster Fund when I was injured, following the wreck a year ago.  They are a great bunch of gals who have a picture of the old wagon and team prominently displayed on a desk, along with some newspaper articles on the wagon.  I presented them with a copy of the Wagonteamster Book, which they agreed to pass around.

That evening, we went out to dinner with Jeanette, from the Macon Beacon Newspaper and Florence.

While here in Macon, Denise and I are staying in the wonderful Barngalo, owned and created by Mike Banks.  Mike obviously put his heart and soul into building this amazing place. It’s laid out for maximum comfort, and completely covered with western antiques and cowboy memorability. Les Riddle and I were invited to stay here when I picked up the surviving horses last April. Denise was really impressed with our accommodations and we would like to both extend a big ‘Thank You’ to Mike for his hospitality.

Today, we got a chance to visit with Doctor Billy Calvert, DVM. Dr. Calvert, along with his employee, Cal were the ones that pulled Joyce and Doc from the wreckage and went on to successfully treat them for their injuries.  Both horses were buried deeply in the wagon debris and tangled up in their harnesses. Removing them was a lengthy process, during which time the horses laid calmly, waiting to be helped.  He recalled to me some the stories of their treatment and recovery:

Joyce - Even though her injuries following the accident were not that severe, for several nights, he was afraid that he was going to lose her.  Finally she popped out of it and started recovering.

Doc - With injuries severe enough to kill a platoon of Marines, Doc continued to be Doc. One morning, when his grain wasn’t in front of him at the prescribed time, he jumped the fence and walked over to the vet practice and asked to be fed.  Throughout the healing process, he kept his ‘Ol Doc personality.  When the veterinarians at Mississippi State looked at him, they were amazed that he didn’t break his right leg when he tore the short ligament on his hock. The staff at the Vet school never imagined that he would be sound to pull a wagon again.

Tonight, we’re grilling some steaks here at Easy Street with some friends.

This has been a great couple of days in civilization and it will be tough to head off to Jackson tomorrow. 




1-23-10 011

Outake Shot - The Official Trip Photographer, Denise, finds life at 70 mph more difficult than life at 3 mph - this includes trying to take a picture of the sign at the Mississippi state line.

1-23-10 015

The wonderful ladies at the Citizens National Bank in Macon, who ran the Wagonteamster Fund after I was injured.

1-23-10 016

Good friends, Jeanette and Florence, who went out to dinner with us last night in Macon, MS

1-23-10 018

Denise and I, staying at Mike Banks’ deluxe barn apartment “Easy Street” in Macon, MS.

1-23-10 035

Easy Street

1-23-10 020

Myself, Cal and Dr. Billy Calvert

1-23-10 021

A very small portion of the collection of animals at Dr. Billy Calvert’s, America’s answer to ‘All Creatures Great and Small’