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Driving to Church



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1/15/08, Dover, TN - This was a cold, but short day. I pulled out of Tarlton’s place about 8:30 am. When we hit the road, it was only 8 degrees Fahrenheit so it didn’t take long for the toes to get cold.

The first few miles were over two lane road with no shoulders and moderate traffic. It was also fairly hilly, so the horses had quite a bit of pulling to do right off the bat.

After passing the small burg of Legate, the road changed to a big divided highway with wide shoulders for the next few miles.  Tarlton stopped by with a gift of some oats he hat picked up for me at the grain co-op in Clarksville - Thanks Tarlton!

We had a very nice lunch at a Bar-B-Q restaurant.  The food and the company was excellent. I talked to some really nice folks at lunch, including a fellow teamster, John Wayne and a nice lady who’s husband is deployed to Iraq with the 101st.

We’re camped tonight at a nice church about 4 miles to the east of Dover. While driving down route 79, the Pastor’s wife Jill flagged me down and ask if I needed a place to spend the night. It was only about 3:00 pm, but the place looked like a good place to camp and I though it would be nice to quit earlier in the day.

The horses are bedded down on some nice grass alongside a clean flowing brook. With a couple of bales of alfalfa, the grass and their oats, they’re quite content.

The Pastor and his wife were kind enough to take me out for dinner at the diner across the street. It was a nice meal with some real pleasant company.

Even though it was cold weather, this was a great day of driving with some very nice people along the way.


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