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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Drive To A Day Off


9/30/12, Gardnerville, NV -  Yesterday, I drove here to the south side of Gardnerville and settled into a nice place for a day off.  The horses have good pasture and I needed to catch up on my horse shoeing

9/29/12 - After breaking camp at Carlís place, I made my way back out to US-395. Traffic was heavy as a large volume was going to an event a few miles down the road.  The lads and I stuck to the shoulder and travel wasnít too difficult.

A few miles down the road, I came to Minden, the first of a pair of the twin towns of Minden and Gardenerville. Both of these towns seem to be bedroom communities for Carson City and Reno.

10-1-12 002

Cruising the city of Minden.

After moving through Minden, I entered Gardenerville and stopped for lunch at a Wallgreens parking lot.  While there, I met up with my good friends Rhonda and Joe. whom I first met at the head of the Washoe Valley, several days ago.  Rhonda brought some pictures she had taken on my trip through the valley.  A couple of these great shots are shown at the end of this blog.

Joe and I did a short recon of my route to the south towards Topaz Lake. When I leave out of here, Iíll have to climb a 1300 high hill and cross a difficult cross-road cattle guard, so the recon was definitely worth while.

Leaving Walgreens, Billís  pole strap broke and I had a couple of tense moments while I sorted out that mess.  I was headed downhill, coming out of the drive, so the loss of my reverse gear for the horses didnít help much. I was trying to sort things out when a rude and not-too-smart lady pulled her car to within two feed of the horses and refused to move.  When she finally did leave she whipped her car around the wagon, just missing Doc.  I think she was missing a rerun of her favorite soap opera.

I took a mile long detour to stop at a grain store before leaving town.  While there I met Bonnie, he offered me a place to camp at her property across the street.  With plenty of green graze, water and a nice place to camp, I ended up staying an extra day to give the lads some rest and get some shoeing done.

10-1-12 003

The lads enjoying their morning grain.

While the lads enjoyed their day off, I put shoes on both of the Belgians.

This has been a great stopover and I canít thank Bonnie enough.

10-1-12 011

A doe and her half grown fawn at my camp.

_DSC6433 - Version 202

The wagon moving through the Washoe Valley a few days ago. Photo courtesy of Rhonda Knox.


Bill and I having a moment.  Photo courtesy of Rhonda Knox.