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Day Off at Pinky's



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11/30/08 - Delaware, OH - I decided to take the day off. The horses have worked the last four days, so they deserved one anyway. It was suppose to rain most of the day, but didnít really start until about 4 pm.

This morning my host ďPinkyĒ took myself and a couple of friend to breakfast. Then, we zipped into Walmart so I could grab a new computer.

The horses are content in a 2 acre paddock while wearing their matching blankets.

The pictures to the right show Pinkyís big draft mules.  These animals are out of Percheron mares and Mammoth Jacks. Theyíre strong, rugged and heat tolerant.  Iím not very knowledgeable about mules, but I would say they combine some of the best features of the horse and the ass.

Both Marylyn and Pinky Sheets have been terrific hosts.  Itís been a real pleasure to stay here at Bittersweet Farm.

Thanks to Pinky, Iím pretty much fully supplied and ready to start the trek west down US Route 36. If all goes well, we should pass into Indiana in about 7 or 8 days. Most of the route should be pretty flat.

Tomorrow is calling for about an inch of wet snow, but it should remain above freezing for most of the day.

My morale is good and I should be far enough south and west to miss the lake effect snow and most of the Alberta clippers.  Thatís not to say that father winter wonít throw a few curve balls, because Iím sure he will.


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