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Clip Clp There go the Miles

8-24-08. Franklin, NH

This has been an incredible day. First there has been the kindness and generosity of all that I have met.   Everywhere we went, people were smiling, taking pictures, stopping to chat, giving me hay, money, food, help, good advice, a place to stay - unbelievable!  Iím not going to mention all the names, because Iím sure I would forget someone, but you and I both know who you are.

Somehow, the team managed to pull the wagon 20 miles today.  Even though the terrain was fairly flat, it was an outstanding effort. I made sure there was a little extra oats in the grain bucket tonight.  Iím now camped in Franklin, NH, on land owned by the local Elks club - thanks to the Elks and the Franklin Firefighters. I do want to mention that Scott in Boscawn makes good hay and the Franklin Firefighters cook a mean barbeque chicken.

The team and I are going to lay up for a day of rest - they definitely deserve it.

Jim Strong and his son Jake of Concord rode with me as far as Boscawen - great company.

Anyone that thinks 99.9% of all Americans are not the best people in the world are wrong and need to quit watching CNN, Fox and all the other networks!

What a day!


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8-23-08 The Journey 004
8-23-08 The Journey 006