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City Traffic to Covered Bridges


9-2-08 The Journey 001

9/2/08, Newport, NH

Iím currently about a day short of crossing into Vermont.  I hitched up the wagon at about 8:30 am, and was joined by good friend Ned Shinn for the morning and part of the afternoon.

Our first stop in Newport was at the grain store for a few bags of grain.  Most of the employees came out to say hi, so the customers probably had to fend for themselves for a while. Another Fox Hunter offered to re-employee Doc in another profession.  Iíve come to the conclusion that all Fox Hunters develop keen eyesight for judging good horseflesh while they are sipping sherry and gaily jumping hedges in pursuit of furry critters.

There was a lot of traffic, but once we got to downtown Newport, there was plenty of space to pull over and chat with some of the local citizens.

Grace brought Ned and I lunch in a parking lot on the other end of town. Unfortunately, Ned had to leave and go work a hay field after we had traveled an hour out of town.  This was about the same time that a photographer for the local paper ran about a 1/2 mile to catch up with us to take a few pictures.  This young lady works hard at her job and I hope she wins a Pulitzer.

Taking Nedís advice I turned off on a back road into Clairmont a little further on.  This turned out to be a very pleasant and scenic dirt road that paralleled a river and had a couple of covered bridges on it.

I stopped to chat and share a beer with a pleasant fellow named Matt and he ended up riding with me for the next couple of miles.

A very nice lady on a horse farm - Beth, offered to put me up on their place for the evening. Beth and Glen own a large piece of land on the river. Iím camped out back and the horses are on a couple of acres of grass.  We had a nice supper and I went riding with daughter, Lauryn after supper.  My camping spot is really nice and relaxing and I would like to thank Glen and Beth for their hospitality.

This day really showed the best the New Hampshire has to offer; hospitality, beautiful scenery, a quaint New England town and some really nice folks.

Tomorrow morning, my friend John Perry from Wilmot and Andover is going to join me as we make our way towards Vermont!

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9-2-08 The Journey 003
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