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Cavendish, VT



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9/4 - 9/5/08, Cavendish, VT - Yesterday was a rest day for the horses and I.  It hit 90 degrees, so it was a good time to enjoy  Vermont hospitality and to take it easy.  I started the day by giving a class to three families of home schooled children on caring for and harnessing horses. The kids were very enthusiastic and a reporter for the Eagle Times (Julia) was there. The kids and I both had a great time.

In the afternoon, friends Shayne and her husband Jonathan stopped by to visit. Shayne and I took a couple of horses for a really nice ride.

Today, I started off my drive with Mark and his daughter Sarah.  Sarah was one of the home-schooled kids from the day before.  Sarah had a great time and enjoyed holding Clementine in her lap!

The horses and I had lunch by a wide spot in the road along the Black river. The scenery was magnificent.

We stopped at the ďSolar StoreĒ down the road, where they admired my use of a solar panel.

At one of my stops I met up with John and Ann. I later met up with them as I was rolling into Cavendish and they brought me four bale of hay.  John and Ann then rode with me through town, until we arrived at the Cavendish Inn on the far side of town. The owner, Tim Jefferson readily agreed to me parking at his place for the night.

Iíve stayed at a lot of B&Bís and Inns through the years, but the Cavendish Inn has to be the best. 

The food, ambiance and hospitality were the best you can get! If you want to see Timís inn, go to www.cavendishinnvt.com I highly recommend it!

The horses and I are currently set up in style!

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