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Cattle, Oil & Constables


3/25/10, Levelland, TX - Before leaving the cotton gin this morning, I had to flush out the water tank on the wagon and refill it. Somewhere, I had picked up some fairly nasty tasting well water and the coffee was getting tough to take.  That done, I said my goodbyes to the good folks there and hit the road. I had the Belgians hitched and they were only about half with it today. This was a sure sign that they are ready for another day off. It doesn’t take much to read between the lines with a horse - they’ll usually spell things right out for you.

All morning long, I had folks driving by at 70 mph, but none stopped.  It wasn’t until after lunch that peoples started stopping to chat and take pictures.  As I got closer to the City of Levelland, it was like someone opened a floodgate.  I couldn’t drive more then a few hundred yards without halting to talk to someone.

3-25-10 001

Classic Texas Scene - Cattle pasturing in front of an oil well.

Among those, was a reporter from the Levelland newspaper.  What wiith the interview, and other frequent stops, I was running a little late to make it to an arranged stopover on the north side of the city. A couple of miles south of town, I came across a very nice City Park, for RVs.  It has free electric and water hookups, and plenty of room for the horses.  Not wanting to pass up on such an opportunity, I pulled in and starting setting up camp.

Shortly after I arrived, I had my first visitor. ‘Bubba’. a local Constable, stopped by.  Later, he returned with two nice bales of alfalfa for the team (Thank You).

3-25-10 002

In keeping with my policy of providing equal billing for the media, I shot this picture of the Levelland reporter.

Bubba was followed by several other visitors.  One of them, Ginny, I boosted up on B.O.B.  I don’t know what got into him, but he started loping across the playpen, giving a couple of crow-hop bucks.  It true cowgirl fashion, Ginny waited for an appropriate moment and hopped off, landing on her feet. According to her, it was just another day with horses. I should have known better.  I usually don’t put folks up on B,O,B,, because he has a side to him that can act a little unpredictable with a rider on him.

3-25-10 003

The Good Constable, well heeled, and ready to star in a Lonesome Dove miniseries.  But instead of a revolver, he’s got a little more firepower with his automatic.

With the extra hay (and two more bales coming tomorrow) I’ve got plenty of supplies to sit tight and give the team a day off.  This is a very nice park, and the team is very comfortable. Looking out the window of the wagon, I see all three of them laying down - it’s a ‘right peaceful’ scene!