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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2


8/31/10, N. of Monte Vista, CO - Life has interesting twists, and today was definitely no exception.

I began photographing some of Bruce Hornig’s beautiful Brabant style Belgians. These are all horses imported from Belgium.  Even though the Brabant Belgian was the original breeding stock for the modern American Belgian, you would hardly think they are the same breed.  The Brabants are all basically roans and are definitely ‘old style’ (a heavy horse that is more compact, with shorter legs and a heavy body). All of Bruce’s Brabants are strawberry roans.  He has four here in the valley, and two in Ft, Collins, with his daughter Katelyn.

8-31-10 003

Along with being a really great host, Bruce is a pretty amazing guy. He’s had some long standing health issues that he deals with and carries on.  We both admire the philosophy taken by Roger’s Rangers in the French and Indian Wars - If you’re wounded, walk it out.  There’s nothing like 40 mile per day marches with an arrow in the chest to aid in a speedy recovery.

8-31-10 004

Just before lunch, I pulled into the Co-op for 500 lbs of oats.  After picking up the grain, I broke the team out for lunch.

While passing through Monte Vista, I also stopped for some Ice and groceries.

Tonight, I camped at the home of Willy, a really great guy that has made the team and I fieel right at home. I’m currently about 5 miles north of Monte Vista, on US 285.


8-31-10 005

The following shots are a series that I took of Bruce’s Brabants, and my Modern Belgians meeting this morning. I think the photos speak for themselves. Note that B.O.B. is once again the herd spokes-horse.

8-31-10 006
8-31-10 007
8-31-10 008
8-31-10 009
8-31-10 012
8-31-10 013