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7/12/09, Franklin, IN  - Hi, my name is Bob (the horse)  You spell that B O B. Some folks say Iím a little slow, but theyíre wrong. Iím really as sharp as a tack that I just stepped on. You see, Iím the cornerstone of the wagon team.  Iím the big guy on the left.  My brother Bill (heís the little guy shown below), well, heís the leader, but Iím the rock.  Now, Bill likes being the leader and he should be. Iím not going to begrudge him that.  He has worked hard to get where heís at.  Bill is kind of like the Obama of the horse world. But somebody has to be the rock, and thatís me.

Today weíre taking a day off!  What a day, what a place! I tell you old Bob (the teamster) he sure sure can pick Ďem. Dee - lux accommodations I tell Ďyah, kind of like a Ritz Carlton for horses.  First, we got big stalls we can go in and out of.  Then, we got this wonderful mineral block (in a wooden bowl). Then, thereís this great automatic watering device that fills up just like a toilet bowl (itís almost enough to make a horse want to be a dog).  Outside, thereís tons of sweet, green grass. Now hereís the best part: the owner of this place brings us special treats like barley and ground corn with oats - yum!  And to top it off, he grabs a brush and really gives us a rub down.

Now, in order to compose this blog, I had to promise Bob the Teamster that I wouldnít rub any more on the side of the wagon at lunchtime.  I donít know why heís always yelling at me for that.  I only shake the wagon a little bit, and Iíve hardly touched the paint.

I tell yah, it can be tough being the ĎOl Solid Rock on the wagon crew!

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