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Back Into the Green


6/5/12, Boulder, WY - After 150 miles of travel through the high desert, the lads and I finally broke into some green territory. That doesnít mean that we donít have some desert terrain ahead of us; rather, the dry lands we have yet to move through will be periodically interrupted by green grass and cool water.

About 10 AM, I drove Doc and Bill into a turnout next to the East Fork River.  After watering the lads, I broke out the hose and sump pump and filled my water containers.  The water and grass looked really good!

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5-5-12 00102

B.O.B. tanking up on cool water.

As expected, I left most of the oil and gas field traffic behind in the morning. The oil and gas fields south of Boulder are some of the biggest in the country and made for a lot of vehicles moving down the road.  Since most of the trucks move between Rock Springs and there, the roads seemed to empty out as the morning progressed.

Shortly after I finished filling up the water jugs, my friend Deryl, from the town of Eden stopped by with his wife Kathy and their granddaughter Hailey.  They came to ride with me in the afternoon as I made my way through Boulder.

5-5-12 00302

The storage compartment open on the wagon so I could get my sump pump. The East Fork of the Green River in the background.

5-5-12 00402

A relic of times gone by.  I wonder if the old timer who built this cabin on the bank of the river ever had second thoughts about building to close to the water. Then again, he was probably an avid fisherman!

I had a great time with the Sweat Family onboard.  It took 9 year old Hailey about 2 minutes to master the technique of driving the team down the road.

We pulled into the Bolder Convenience Store so I could pick up a couple of things and top of the water tank on the wagon (I only put potable water in it).

5-5-12 006

Hailey driving the team across Boulder Creek.  Already a young horsewoman, she was a natural at driving.

I settled early tonight on some irrigated land that Deryl owns, about a mile north of the highway and about 2 miles northwest of Boulder. The lads are turned out in a large playpen and have all of the green grass they can eat. One part of their playpen has some flooded ground, so they even have fresh water when they need it.

5-5-12 007

The crew, with Hailey displaying the shoe I had to replace on Bill this morning. Hang a big shoe up like that and it will hold an awful lot of good luck!

We should pull into Pinedale about midday, where Iíll stock up on oats for the next leg of the journey.  As I start traveling through some nice green countryside, donít be surprised if I take off a day or two to enjoy the mountains and catch some fish.