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3/12/10, West of Anson, TX - There was a times in my life when I lived in a city environment, fortunately they are behind me. This morning, it was nice to see the last vestiges of Abilene pass behind me, as I left the industrial section on the north side of the city.  We were traveling north on US Route 83, and the road was terrific.  For most of the trip to Anson, TX, there was an access road with no traffic on it. The lads pulled well all day.  Tonight, weíre settled in at a poor excuse for a roadside park, about 6 miles west of Anson, on US Route 180.

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3-12-10 004

You canít beat a nice long access road, with no traffic.

You might notice, that a lot of my photos are taken over the backs of the horses.  Without an official trip photographer, I have to both hold the lines and shoot pictures.  The durn autopilot doesnít work very well on this thing.  It somehow always heads for the greenest piece of grass around. Fortunately, the driving lines are long and I can drive while I go and the back and do simple things; like, grab a coke from the fridge or go to the bathroom (donít try this at home, unless youíre trying out for the circus!)

3-12-10 002

A nice lady who just moved from the city.  They canít wait to get a horse.

Iím amazed at how strong the Belgians have been pulling, while Doc is healing his shoulder sore. It looks really good, and Doc should be back pulling in 2 or 3 days.

3-12-10 003

A nice, 4 year old, Gypsy Vanner stallion, with his donkey buddy.

While I was in Anson, I had a nice offer from the Foreman to visit the SMS ranch, by Stamford, TX. They have several teams of Belgians and a team of Percherons, that they use for ranch chores.  If I hadnít already had plans, I would have drove north and took him up on it.

3-12-10 005

Pulling in to the city of Anson

Tomorrow, my friend Darlene is coming out to drive with me for a few days. It will be great to have some nice company. While the horses are good listeners, theyíre not exactly the best conversationalists.

This has been a long day on the road, so Iím off to the shower and bed!

3-12-10 007

The staff at the restaurant, who came out to say Ďhií. The guy thought it was only a mile or two to the rest area, not the six miles it actually was.

3-12-10 008

Poor doings at the rest area.  Not enough room for an electric playpen.

3-12-10 009

Doc doesnít call a day complete until at least one kid has sat on him.