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4/21/10, Tierra Amirillo, NM - Last night I had some visitors that I had been forewarned about.  I heard Doc shuffling around and poked my head outside to see what the ruckus was about. A herd of Elk had moved into the adjoining pasture.  Iím not sure how many were there, as the moon had already set, but they didnít like my head poking out of the window, so they hightailed it.

I had Bill and Doc hitched up today and they did a good job. There were some ups and downs, but unlike yesterday, there were no major hills to climb .

AT&T seems to be nonexistent here in Northern New Mexico, but by driving with my laptop next to me, I finally found an unsecured Wifi signal, so I was able to upload the blogs for the past two days and check my mail. 

While I was at lunch, I had a nice visit from Cary, who lives right outside Pagosa Springs, CO.  She invited me out to their ranch to rest, when I reached their town, This should be in about 5 days or so.

4-21-10 003

You never know what view awaits you, when you pop over a hilltop or ridge.

In Texas, Mesquite dominated many of the pasture lands, leaving little room for grass. Here itís sagebrush which takes over the pasture.  Itís the low gray brush, growing on the hillside to the left, in the photo above.

Tonight, the team and I are settled in at Leonard Orrís place, about a mile or two south of Tierra Amirillo.  I enjoyed a really good T-bone steak tonight, thanks to the Orr family. The team are very comfortable in their Ďplaypen in the pinesí.

Tomorrow, the lads and I are going to enjoy another day off, before we begin the push for Pagosa Springs.  On the 23rd, we should be driving to Chama, NM, then crossing the Continental Divide on the 24th. This will leave us a day or two out from Pagosa Springs, CO.

4-21-10 004

This is the Cartwright Clan from the Ponderosa Ranch.  You can tell because theyíre settled into the Ponderosa pines at the Orr residence. Everybody wanted to be ďHossĒ, but I told B.O.B. it was him, because his stature resembles Dan Blockerís.   Doc is Little Joe, while Bill is old Ben.  I couldnít remember the older sonís name, but thatís okay, because I donít have a fourth horse.