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Around Lake Sunapee



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8/30/08 - Sunape, NH - I got off to a slow start this morning. First, I managed to get my laundry done.  Then, I took Alex’s daughter Savanah for a ride.  It was a great ride, but Joyce broke out of the electric fence and we had to catch her at the end of the ride (minor rodeo).  When I finally hitched the horses at 10:30 am, there were a fewer than normal distractions. First, quite a crowd of neighbors had showed up. Then the kids were a little bit noisy.  Also, I was hitching Dolly at the wheel and Joyce in the lead.  While I was hitching the lead team I had tied the driving lines for the wheel team off so couldn’t move forward. Dolly tried to swing the pole to the right, came up against her bit and fell on her but. There were a few tense moments while a sorted this mess up and got underway (great rodeo).  Thanks again to the Neuwirt family for being such terrific hosts,

The drive around the lake was very nice. I stopped the team at the park on the south side of Lake Sunapee to rest them and drew quite a crowd. The folks from the restaurant across the street supplied plenty of carrots for the horses.  A little farther down the street I stopped the team at a hot dog stand and had a great dog delivered curb side.

A few miles farther down the road, I was approached by Ned and Grace Shinn, who said they had a great place for us to stay about a mile off the main drag. Ned is a lifetime teamster who currently has a pair of Belgians.  Ned and grace have a wonderful place and set me up like a king with everything I need to make the horses and myself comfortable.

Tomorrow, the horses and I get a day of rest.  Beth is coming down and were going to make a fun day of it.

I hate to tell you this, but wagon life sure is tough to take!

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