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Approach To Reno


9-21 & 9/22.02

9/21/02, Dolan, CA - This was another one of those days where lunch turned into an overnight.  It was a nice morning drive after leaving my camp at Herlong Junction.  Periodically throughout the day, people would stop chat and see the horses.

Just before entering the town of Dolan, I was stopped by Carolyn and asked if I would like to swing by for lunch.  The timing was perfect, so I agreed.

9-22-12 001

This little boy in unsure of the big horses.

As the lads munched their oats and I had a great egg sandwich lunch, time started passing by.  Before you know it, an after lunch cocktail became two, and my ambition was waning.  So, when offered a place to stay with green grass, I readily accepted.

The lads and I had a great afternoon as guest of Carolyn and Mike. All four of us had a great chance to unwind and take it easy.

9-22-12 002

Always concerned about and unmowed green lawn, the boys hung up their lawn care signs and went to work.

9-22-12 005

When friends and neighbors stopped by, the lads did their best to entertain them.

9-22-12 006
9-22-12 007
9-22-12 008

In the evening, Carolyn and I took all three of  the Amigos out for a spin in the neighborhood.

I had a great time at the Davis residence, and would like to thank my hosts for their great hospitality.


9/22/12, Hallelujah Junction, CA - Tonight, I知 one mile south of the Junction on US-395.

This was a great day and the lads and I put in 20 miles, making up for our laziness the day before.  ;

Again, a lot of folks stopped to chat. All in all this was a great day and leaves me posed for a few days of aimless wandering in the next few days.

9-22-12 009

When B.O.B. is on a high tie, it痴 a long way up to pet his nose.

9-22-12 010

Tonights camping spot is about 300 feet off the road and has a tremendous 360 degree view.

Tomorrow, I知 going to start wandering for a bit.  I知 not sure where I知 going, or how long I値l be off the trek southward, but I知 sure I値l have a good time.