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All in a Day's Work


7/24/10, Manassa, CO - One of the great things about the wagon is that I never know what the day will bring.  The day started out with the terrain starting to be flat and uninteresting.  Traffic speed was picking up and folks were zooming by. By day’s end, everything was turned around and it was a completely different day.  That’s when I met Orlando and his extended family.

I pulled into the town of Romeo to fill up some water containers.  A nice family supplied the water hose, and the horses supplied the entertainment. Doc has a small gall on his shoulder, so he was behind the trailer, on the injured reserve list. Doc knows that when he’s ponying behind the trailer part of his job is to entertain the public.  The kids started out with a few pets, then graduated to treats and sitting on his back - all in a day’s work for the Doc-ster.

7-24-10 00102

“The Water Family” of Romeo. Doc’s posing with his left leg up to be photogenic.

Just as I was pulling out of the town or Romeo, ‘Orlando’ asked if I could give him a ride to Manassa, three miles away. He even volunteered to pay the oat bill.  I had nothing better to do, so I told him to jump on board.

In Manassa, I extended an invitation for his extended family to jump on board for a ride around the town.  After everyone was crammed into the wagon we took off down Main Street, in the middle of the Manassa Day Festivities.  After turning off on a side street, we drove about 1/2 mile before pulling over for everyone to meet the team.

What followed was ton’s of treats, a lot of pets, and of course Doc having half the town sit on his back.  The pictures tell part of the story.

7-24-10 004

An adult and two kids - “nothing to it”, says Doc.

7-24-10 006

How about 4 kids? - “Child’s Play”, says the Doc-ster.

7-24-10 007

An another adult and two kids - :Nothing to it”!

The ride turned into a great success.  Everyone had a great time, but most especially Orlando’s two kids.

Tonight, I’m at the home of Orlando’s friend, enjoying myself at a party.  There are a few beers and a nice big bonfire. In the background. the fireworks for the town celebration are going off.

Yeah, you never know what the day will bring on the wagon.

Tomorrow, I’m heading north to La Jara, then north and west. About 15 miles out of La Jara is a carriage maker, from whom I will buy a new evener beam on Monday.