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A Stroll Down Country Roads

12/13/08, Mays, IN - Today was a day of travel down quiet country roads from Dave and Marti place, to where we pick up route 3 (10 miles north of Rushville.) Except for a few small hills right at the beginning, the terrain was essentially flat.  Traffic was almost nonexistent, which was good because the road surface was only 15 feet wide.

Barry and I got off to a late start. It was just after ten before the team was hitched. Cindy, who brought me a bag of grain the night before, stopped by to wish us well and leave us with a nice loaf of banana bread. We drove 13 miles before pulling in to Kristy (sp?) and her husband’s place between Raleigh and Mays, IN.

Barry’s daughter, friend and her family stopped by to pick him up and share dinner with us.  Barry and his daughter helped out by each driving a team off the wagon when we were unhitching.  It was nice having Barry around for a couple of days.

This was a nice evening at the end of a very nice day. My host family has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome.

Tomorrow, I have to tighten up Doc’s rear shoes, then we’re off for route 3 - south, to route 44 - west. I bet you tomorrow will be a really good day!


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