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A Nice Pull to the Vogel Dairy



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11/18/09, Franklin, IN - Tonight we are located a few miles to the west of Franklin, at good friends Larry and Patti Vogel, owners of the Vogel Organic Dairy. It was a great hitch today.

It was with a lot of reluctance that we said goodbye to the Mohr’s and got underway this morning. The horses were well rested, we were all well fed and the wagon was fully provisioned. Joe and Pat were absolutely fantastic and it was a really great stay.

I hitched Doc up with Bill this morning and we ponied Bob behind the trailer.  Bob took to walking behind the wagon, and watching the others work like a fish takes to water - hmmm. Doc was feeling really good and we pulled in this configuration for the whole day.

Last night’s rain broke to cloudy skies this morning, and although it was a bit cool, it was great pulling weather.  Of course, with the propane heater in the cabin on low, Denise and I were quite comfortable riding in the front of the wagon. As Clementine says, Barry had it a bit “ruffer”.

We stopped for lunch on the west side of the City of Franklin. A couple of burgers substituted for normal wagon fare.  We also got a chance to do a little grocery shopping and visit with some guests.  One of the guests, Brian Young, has been following the blog for a long time and left us with a couple of great Caterpillar hats - Thanks Brian.

Tonight, we’re camped once more at the Vogel Organic Dairy, a few miles west of Franklin.  Like the last time we stayed here, Larry and Patti have the horses completely spoiled with their ‘horse condo’ accommodations and ‘delux’ horse feed service.  The lads can’t believe their good fortune. They keep running in and out of the barn, kicking up their heals and racing around like a herd of young colts. I’ll probably have to hang an ‘organic’ carrot in front of their noses to get them going tomorrow!

This was a really nice day.  Tomorrow we’re headed for Martinsville.  In a couple of days we should be at J.W. Jones’ great place in Gosport.  We have some horse friends coming down from Michigan and will take off a day for an early horse-type Thanksgiving.

11-18-09 006

First Break

11-18-09 003

Another view of break time.

11-18-09 014

Forgotten item on Cowboy Checklist - Digital Camera Check - OK

11-18-09 026

Feeding lunch time oats with a young horse admirer.

11-18-09 027

Another young horse admirer.

11-18-09 030

Evening Stop - The Vogel Organic Dairy

11-18-09 040

Sometimes it’s really good to be out of harness!

11-18-09 042

Jersey calves at the Vogel Dairy

11-18-09 069

No special privileges for wagon doggies - they eat at the table, same as anyone else!