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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Magical First Day Of Travel

11/14/09, Mays, IN - Well, we did it.  After two long months at the Barngalo, we’re finally back on the road.

Before pulling out, we had to close things out at the farm, load the last stuff, and christen the wagon. You see Denise posed with the bottle of champagne. Fortunately common sense took hold and we found a better use for the bottle - mimosa’s.

Marti and Dave joined Barry, Denise, and I for a toast before we pulled out. Barry is coming along for a few days as an outrider.  My friend Denise is coming along for the whole trip.

We started the day off with the lads hitched up in the Unicorn hitch.  Right off the bat they drew the attention of several youngsters with a love of horses.

Not long after departing the farm, we left Bentonville behind us.  It should be about a year before we pull back in.  I imagine we’ll all be a little leaner and road weary by then.

It was a beautiful Indian Summer day with a warm breeze. Shortly before two, we stopped at the nice turnout by the creek for lunch.  All of the horses really appreciated their big pan of oats.

After lunch, I hitched the two Belgians to the wagon and ponied Doc behind the trailer. Even though the Unicorn hitch is a hard configuration to drive, it gives me incredible flexibility.  I can either drive all three horses, or drive any two, while the third horse is either ponied or ridden.  This gives me the capability to rest a horse every third day, but leaves me with extra horsepower for hilly terrain.  I can also pull a horse out of the hitch if it has a sore.

We’re camped once more at Christie and Mark’s place between the town of Raleigh and Mays.  The horses are bedded down and enjoying themselves - so are we!


11-14-09 083

Denise, christening the wagon - not really

11-14-09 084

Better to make mimosa’s with the champagne

11-14-09 088

A toast to a grand trip

11-14-09 092

The three amigos, with their young fans!

11-14-09 094

More Horse Fans!

11-14-09 095

Leaving Bentonville behind

11-14-09 098

Barry outriding

11-14-09 102

Doc, ponied for the last half of the day

11-14-09 105

Denise, with the lines

11-14-09 111

So, what does Doc think about a return to wagon life?