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A League of Extraordinary People


5/8/11. Missouri Valley, IA - One of the most beneficial aspects of my journeys is that I have had the honor of getting to know some really tremendous individuals. These are people that have moved far out of their comfort zone, to live a lifestyle that has a positive impact on a countless number of people.  I would like to dedicate this blog to the teamsters and those that ride with them and support them: John McComsey, Chuck Reagan, Bernie Harberts and Lee the Horselogger.

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Each of these gentlemen started their travels with the idea of doing something for themselves; but soon, they also found themselves touching the lives of thousands of others. When they left behind a life that pursued personal comfort and ‘normalcy’, they soon discovered that uncertainty became normal and ‘fun’. And as good people everywhere beheld their strength, courage, determination and spirit, they began to inspire hope and dreams in others. Heroes are not born as such, they are created from the fires of life, with a lot of help from a good team and endless roads.  

Looking back, we measure the value of our lives by the times we have spent with our family, friends and humanity in general. Places we have gone, people we have helped and fun times generate good and lasting memories. While basking in comfort and a ‘normal’ existence rarely causes any lasting memories. It really doesn’t matter what path we have chosen, most of us will still end our lives being cared for by others. When you’re waiting for a diaper change in later years, it helps if you have some good memories and stories to fall back on.

John McComsey


I first met John on my trip driving from NH to MS. At that time John was getting ready to set off on his first wagon trip, from Tennessee to Arizona. John completed this lengthy journey in less than four months, with his two mules arriving in better shape than when he set out.  After several other shorter trips, John and his girlfriend Marilyn are now headed (via mule team) from Tennessee to Texarkana, at which time he said he’s turning east for Charleston, SC. John has been known to change his mind, so don’t be surprised to see him head off most anywhere. If you want to follow John’s travels, look him up on Facebook and put in a friends request.  John is a heck of a nice guy who really goes out of his way for friends and strangers alike. I’m proud to call him my friend 

Chuck Reagan

chuck Reagan

Chuck and his wife Mary are currently traveling in an old wooden-wheeled wagon, pulled by a pair of mules. After leaving their home in Kentucky, they have been journeying west towards California.  They are currently in West Texas and having the trip of a lifetime.

These are some really good people and I am also proud to call them my friends.  You can track Chuck and Mary on their website - www.americafound.net

Bernie Harberts


Bernie is an incredible guy that spells adventure with a capital ‘A’.  His past adventures had him circling the globe in a sailboat, crisscrossing the United States, either on muleback or by wagon.  His latest adventure found him traveling around Tasmania on a bicycle with a shoestring budget.  Having just returned home to North Carolina, I’m sure he’s already planning his next grand adventure.

Bernie is a dear friend of mine. Following my accident in 2009, he drove a hard bargain when he sold me the wagon I now drive for one ‘top of the line’ Biscuit at the local Bojangles restaurant.  You can follow Bernie’s Adventures at www.riverearth.com

Lee the Horselogger


Lee is an incredible man who is currently driving a team of Suffolk Punch Draft Horses down the road in the Northwestern United States.  A few years ago, Lee was diagnosed with a potentially fatal cancer.  After having his home sold out from under him in Montana and curing his cancer by himself, he hitched up his horses and started heading towards Boston.  Years later, he has now crisscrossed the country a couple of times and is currently planning on heading towards Alaska.  He tracks his travels on Facebook, which you can reach through his website - www.leehorselogger.com