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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Day Off and a Day of Hills

8/27 - 8/28 Wilmot/New London N. H.

Note - I donít always have sufficient  AT&T signal strength to post every night, but I try my best.

My day of at the Perry Cottage/Farm was wonderful. After his wife cooked us a really great breakfast,  John and I saddled up a couple of the horse and took a spin around the lake. Johnís two youngest granddaughters were there to brighten up the morning.

The rest of the day - we went to the park half way up MT. Kersage and during the evening, we had a great barbecue. 

8/28 - By the time I got the horses hitched, it was 8:45 am, so it was a little later start then I wanted. It was a pretty hot day, with high humidity, so I knew we wouldnít be traveling too far.

Josie from the barbecue the evening before, Joined me for a few hours on the wagon. Her grandaughter picked her up about 4 pm. 

I stopped for the night at Peteís place. Pete is a really fine horseman who is currently recovering from some torn tendons suffered in a horse training accident.  Doc conveniently threw a shoe just before Peteís driveway.   I was going to reset the shoe that evening, but some good company, a couple of cocktails and a pizza, robbed all of my ambition.

This was a hot day, a day of tough hills, but it was also a really great day! 


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